Memorial concert in honor of the victims of war in Ukraine, Khmelnytsky Academic Municipal Chamber Choir, 13.04.22

On April 13, the members of the Khmelnytsky Academic Municipal Chamber Choir held a memorial concert at the Khmelnytsky Regional Philharmonic. The concert featured 14 pieces by Ukrainian composers and poems created by Ukrainians during this war and included in the project “Poetry of the Free”. We honored all the Ukrainians killed, and prayed for Ukraine, its people and freedom. Honored Artist of Ukraine Oksana Tsmur and choir artist of the Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater Andriy Lyashenko took part in the concert. The choir managed to collect UAH 5,887 of charitable contributions to be used for support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to contribute to the funds raised by the Khmelnytsky Regional Philharmonic. These funds are directed for a car purchase for one of the military units of Khmelnytsky region.