Summer choral academy

Leontovich Pan-Ukrainian Choral Society Of National Pan-Ukrainian Music Community – the oldest active art public organization, that brings together hundreds of famous Ukrainian artists, initiates the annual Summer Choral Academy (SCA). The project is aimed at the young students from different regions of Ukraine and has an artistic and educational goals.


Every year 50 students from Ukrainian Art Academies (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv and Odessa) meet at the last week of June to prepare a choral program under the guidance of prominent conductors from Ukraine and Europe. And every year M.Leontovych Pan-Ukrainian Choral Society chooses the topic of SCA and the choral conductors, who offer a choral program.

All rehearsals of the Academy will be held as the open master classes, revealing to the students and participants of the Project the methodology of work on choral compositions of different styles. A lot of open master classes in conducting, vocal ensemble and vocal are planned. In addition to the classes, the Academy students will visit museums and temples of the city where SCA is held, on sightseeing tours they will get acquainted with the history of these city and region, will have possibility to relax and get to know each other, make creative and personal contacts.

The project also includes the cooperation of the Choral Conducting Departments of the Music Academies of Ukraine, with various agents of art space (critics, art critics) and with foreign specialists.

Basic principles of the Project: openness, publicity, mutual respect aimed at the joint activity of various representatives of the artistic, pedagogical and scientific communities, coverage of all stages of the project implementation and results in the media, analysis of critical judgments of the music community, etc.

The Main Purpose of the Project:

  • Initiate the creation of an additional artistic space of opportunity for young musicians.
  • Performing premieres of new Ukrainian and world music under the guidance of prominent artists.
  • Revival of forgotten layers of artistic culture of Ukraine, development of performing skills of choral groups.
  • Promoting of the best Ukrainian composers in the world of creativity, improving the training and education of young Ukrainian choirs.
  • Encouragement of more intensive joint activity of Ukrainian choral schools.
  • Education of the participants of the Project a sense of style of ancient Ukrainian music.
  • Improvements in their knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in artistic higher education institutions.
  • Recording audio and video material from workshops and concerts.
  • Dissemination of them for acquaintance and studying in art educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad.

MOST IMPORTANT – The project is aimed at education of the new artistic elite of Ukraine, strengthening the creative and personal ties among young people who have chosen Ukrainian choral singing as their major, awareness of choral art as an indigenous genre of Ukrainian culture through the revival of all the layers of Ukrainian spirituality from the oblivion