Ukrainian women will perform at WYC

A new form of cooperation of the All-Ukrainian Choral Society named after M. Leontovych and the World Youth Choir. For the first time in history a Ukrainian woman will sing in the most prestigious youth choir in the world!

All musicians I knew said that they took the first steps in music in a very young age – someone was born into a musical family, someone was sent to music school because of a huge amount of free time. When I was 12 years old, I came to my mom and told her that I want to become a musician. Mom was surprised. She asked me “Are you sure?” because a musician from math class is something new. And I said I couldn’t live without it. My mother shrugged and took me to the music school.

That’s how it all started.

And now I understand, that all the path that has begun from that phrase “I will do music”, has grafted me to where I never thought I would be. However, I’m sure that this is where I should be.

When I was just starting my studies at the music school, I never thought that I would be a student at R. Glier Kyiv Municipal Academy of Music at the Choir Conducting department. But now I`m here and I had never change my mind. 

In 2017 when I saw the concert of the first Summer Choral Academy in Odessa Music Academy, I’ve never thought, that in two years I could become a part of this big choir family. I will never forget all the inspiration it brought, all the new professional and just friendly acquaintances it gave me and all the experience I gained.

And the inspiration I received that summer was enough for long correspondence, many questionnaires and long Sunday rehearsals with the accompanist to be able to sing Beethoven in Germany and represent Ukraine in the Summer Session 2020 of the World Youth Choir.

The World Youth Choir is a project where young musicians can gain unlimited experience, performing under the direction of world-famous conductors, and take part in the performance of such large-scale works as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and premieres of contemporary composers. Projects such as WYC expand cultural boundaries, establish international cultural ties and open the way to new opportunities for young artists.

I’m sure there are wide range of opportunities – just don’t be afraid to confidently say “I want to do music!”

Because music has no boundaries.

Text by Dariia Holiatina

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