Appeal of the Head of the Ukrainian Choral Society about the SCA 2020

Dear members and participants of Summer Choral Academy 2020!

As you remember we have announced that the fourth Session of Summer Choral Academy (SCA) in Mariupol. This Session was postponed to the last week of August because of the quarantine. We received a letter from the Department of Cultural and Public Development of Mariupol, which reports that due to the ban on holding cultural events in the city for this period, a decision was made to abandon the SCA in Mariupol in 2020. Supporting the decisions of our co-organizers and taking care of your health, we officially DECLARE that the fourth Session of the SUMMER CHORAL ACADEMY in Mariupol in 2020 will NOT TAKE PLACE. At the same time, we are happy to ANNOUNCE that our prior agreement with the Department of Cultural and Social Development of Mariupol will be actual to the next Session of the SCA, that will take place in Mariupol from the 21th to the 28th of June 2021. As well, we are happy to inform you that all of the singers who volunteered to participate in this year’s Session are invited to take part in the next year’s Session, regardless of whether they are still students or already have graduated.

Dear friends and colleagues! Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to you today until the next year.

But we firmly believe that our creative project, that has been loved by many masters and students for three years and has united young choirmasters all over Ukraine, will be continued, because it is truly creative and artistically significant!

Kind regards,

Hope to see you soon!

Chairman of the Board of the National Ukrainian Music Union Association “Ukrainian Choral Society named after Mykola Leontovych”

Olexander Tarasenko

SCA’s Organizing Committee