Chamber choir “Kanon”

Chamber choir “Kanon”

A Chamber choir “Kanon” was established in May 1991 by enthusiasts of choral singing who intended to acquaint people with a national music culture and particularly with an orthodox church music which influenced Ukrainian culture a lot. Since 1994 the choir was as a part of association of performance ensembles under governance of Cherkasy regional council. In the course of time, Kanon grew out from ensemble to a classical chamber choir by broadening repertoire, enhancing performance skills and enriching creative experience. Nowadays, the choir unifies 17 male and female singers. Yevhen Valovenko, the graduate of Cherkasy music college and Donetsk music academy, is its artistic director.

Yevhen Valovenko

Kanon promotes the art of the a cappella chorus singing as the most important kind of music performance very actively. The choir’s repertoire contains pieces of traditional Orthodox church music, pieces created by Ukrainian and foreign composers, from the Baroque epoch to modernity, as well as classic and modern interpretations of Ukrainian folk songs and songs of other peoples. Promotion of the Cherkasy region native composers Oleksandr Koshyts and Kyrylo Stetsenko who are one of the founders of Ukrainian modern choral art is one of the missions of the collective.

Kanon took part at a lot of culture events in Cherkasy town and region. Individual concerts of the choir become significant events for the town thank to variety of styles and programs.

Since 1997, the collective took part at a lot of national and international culture events. For example: “Easter songs” (Rivne, 1997); International festival of the choral singing (Myedzyzdroje, Poland, 1998 – Award winner), International festival of church music (Hajnówka, Poland, 1999 – Award winner); “Ethnic Percussion Symphony” event within the international music festival in honour of 1000 years anniversary of Wroclaw. (Wroclaw, Poland, 2000); Ukrainian festival “From Christmas to Christmas” (Dnipro, 2002); Russian festival of choral collectives named after Oleksandr Koshyts (Moscow, 2002 the second award); Ukrainian choral festival “Peredzvin” (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2008); Ukrainian festival-competition “From Christmas to Christmas” (Dnipro, 2010 – third award, 2018 – second award). Since 2011 Kanon takes part in the “Christmas carol” festival in Cherkasy. For a few years, men concert group from Kanon has been invited by Ukrainian culture centre in Finland to perform in different towns and cities. In 2012, the collective won Grand Prix of the ninth Ukrainian festival of Easter songs. Yevhen Valovenko was honoured as one of the best conductors of the festival. 

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Yevhen Valovenko, artistic director.