Children’s choir «Skvorushka»

Children’s choir «Skvorushka»

Children’s choir «Skvorushka» (a little starling) was found in 1965 at Kharkov Region Palace of Children’s and Youthful Art. A wellknown choir director Lydyia Shapyro became an initiator of making this collective and it’s first Art Director. Yuliia Ivanova, the alumnus of this choir has been it’s Art Director since 1990.

All the studying hoes after the special system and program, which is close to the choir studio. The successful realization of the studying is proved with high level of the art performing, that includes technical perfection and special emotional expressivity of the sound. 

The fundamental approach to professional musical preparing gives pupils a chance to enter choir and vocal departments of the higher educational institutions, including musical and pedagogical colleges, universities, academies and conservatories. 

There are three age groups in the collective, junior, middle and senior ones. This helps to follow the order and the logics of the studying. In the base of the teaching method personal age and psychological differences of children are taken into the account. 

The main aim of the collective activity is forming moral and aesthetic culture among the youth and a choir renaissance in Ukraine also. 

An art identity of the choir is proved with a bright and diverse repertoire which includes classic and spiritual music,  variations on folk song and modern choir compositions. 

The choir is deeply connected with modern composers of the Kharkov region, what made it a kind of an Art Laboratory for many creators. This is the reason why the choir was the first to perform pieces by M. Karminskyi, V. Ptushkyn, I. Haidenko, V. Muzhchyl and others. 

The collective had being touring around the Europe for many times during it’s long history what made it wellknown far from Ukraine. The choir is also awarded the Order of the People’s Art Collective. 

The high level of the art performing is also proved with the numerous wins in art competitions and festivals of different  levels:

  • An Open Ukrainian Nation-wWde Festival-Competition «Голоси Яскравої Країни» (Uzhgorod, 2016) – The laureate of the ІI degree
  • Ukrainian Nation-Wide Festival-Competition «Зірковий бум» (Ладижин, 2017) – Гран-прі;
  • ІІІ Open Competition of Pop-Jazz Art Performing and Improvisation «Джаз-Фієста – 2017» (Kharkov, 2017) – The laureate of the І degree
  • ІІ Open Festival-Competition «Битва Хорів» (Kharkov, 2018) – The Grand-Prix winner;
  • III international choir festival «Odessa Cantat» (Odessa, 2019) – The laureate of the ІI degree;
  • IInInternational Festival «International Travel Music Fest» (Kharkov, 2019) – The Grand-Prix winner



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