International Festival of Folk and Choral Singing “Above Sob the song sounds loud”

International Festival of Folk and Choral Singing “Above Sob the song sounds loud”

On July 16-17, 2021 in Ilintsy, Vinnytsia region, took place the V International Festival of Folk and Choral Singing “Above Sob the song sounds loud” named Vitaly Izhevsky.  This festival-competition was included in the pleiad of cultural and artistic projects dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence and was held under the slogan “Song unites Ukraine”.  15 regions of Ukraine, more than 40 choirs bowed to the folk song, and choirs from Belarus, Latvia, Moldova and Romania joined the celebration. 17 bands performed on the stage of the Ilyinets house of culture and 29 bands sent records of their performances and the jury could evaluate their art online.  

For two days on the Ilyinets land, where the talented master of folk singing, public figure Vitaliy Izhevsky was born, lived and worked, choral works performed by folk amateur choirs, ensembles, academic and children’s choirs. In our time, such a pandemic-complex, to organize, gather and conduct at such a high professional level, it seemed impossible. But thanks to the cooperation of many people, organizations, regional authorities and the city everything worked out at an extremely high level. The festival-competition was held under the patronage of the governor of Vinnytsia region Serhii Borzov, who visited the festival and greeted all participants of the competition, emphasizing in his speech how important culture, folk song, its development and popularization are especially in this difficult period for the country. An important role in the organizational aspects of the festival, from  played by the unsurpassed host, the mayor of Ilintsy Volodymyr Yashchuk and the friendly family of Volodymyr and Myroslav Izhevsky, who, as always, help organize and hold this festival from the first days of its founding.  The co-organizers of the event were: the head of the Department of Culture and Creative Industries of the Department of Humanitarian Policy of the Regional State Administration Olga Dernova and the director of the Vinnytsia Regional Center of Folk art honored worker of culture of Ukraine Tatiana Tsvigun. 

This festival was founded in 2006 and began its existence as a regional, but over time it has become a major festival of international scale. The inspiration for the creation, holding and organization of this festival has always been an honored cultural worker of Ukraine, director of the Center for Culture and Aesthetic Education  council, student of V. Izhevsky Mykola Romanov. From the day of creation of V. Izhevsky in 1961 – 1962 Ilyinets Ukrainian folk choir, which later, with the light hand of M. Romanov, was renamed into folk amateur choir “Wreath of Podillya” (1967) and to this day, this group is one  from the leading folk-amateur choirs of Vinnytsia. The performance of the choir has always been a decoration at every concert of choral art of the Podolsk region. To date, the choir works, develops, expands its repertoire horizons.

The international jury of the festival-competition has been headed for several years by Professor of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, composer, choral conductor, leader of the Honored Song and Dance Ensemble “Darnychanka”, honored worker of culture of Ukraine Petro Andriychuk, аnd the jury this year included:

  • Artemenko Svetlana – musicologist, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, commentator of the National Radio Company of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine),
  • Savchuk Volodymyr – Associate Professor of the Institute.  V. Stefanyk, leader of the men’s choir “Trumpet” them.  B. Volosenko of the National Medical University, Honored Worker of Ukraine of Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine),
  • Samarin Lyudmyla – leader of the children’s choir “Belkanto” of the Soroca School of Arts (Moldova),
  • Baboshina Olga –  teacher-methodologist, leader of the choir of Vinnytsia College of Arts named  M. Leontovych, artistic director and chief conductor of the Podolsk Chamber Choir “Leontovych-Chapel” of Vinnytsia Regional Philharmonic named  M. Leontovych, head of the regional branch of the All-Ukrainian Choral Society named  M. Leontovych (Ukraine),
  • Myalyk Andriy – General Director of the State Center for Culture of Pinsk, art critic, honored worker of culture of Belarus (online),
  • Petrulioniene Irena – choral conductor, director of the Center of National Cultures of Klaipeda (Lithuania) online,
  • secretary – Djus Nina – a leading methodologist in vocal and choral art of Vinnytsia Regional Center of Folk Art (Ukraine).

The groups presented at the competition showed a fairly high level of vocal skills and stage culture. Many choirs were awarded diplomas of laureates of I, II and III degrees, special diplomas for participation in the festival-competition. The main award of the Grand Prix was won by the folk-amateur choir of the Song and Dance Theater “Kramatorsk girls and boys” Kramatorsk, Donetsk region (Ukraine) – leader Alexander Skrypnyk. Extremely charismatic team that did not leave indifferent any spectators in the hall, and the jury members were impressed by the brightness and artistry of the competition program  well.  Every year this festival-competition gains momentum, develops, expanding geography of collectives – participants.

Every year the level of executive skill of collectives grows. Organizers and participants continue to hope for big cooperation and support from the power, management of culture of area and the city. We wish festival-competition of long creative life, new participants and bright festival days in the future. Let a resounding song always sound over the quiet Sob!