Municipal Men’s ChoirKamenyar” (Department of Culture of Stryy district)

Established in January, 2000. In 2002 was awarded the title of “People’s”.

The choir got the status of a municipality for its skill, activity in the development of choral art (April,2007).

“Kamenyar” is a group of Ukrainian musical and cultural revival group recording and performing Christmas carols, historical songs, Cossack, Sichovi Striltsi and folk songs, ecclesiastical works by D. Bortnyansky, A. Wedel, M. Berezovsky, M. Lysenko, K. Stetsenko, works of Ukrainian romanticism, undeservedly forgotten Ukrainian music, works of modern Ukrainian and world composers.

The municipal choir “Kamenyar” presents interesting concert and creative programs: “In a wreath to the Kobzar”, “Let’s carol together”, “With Ukraine in the heart”, “We worship to Christ” and others.

The choir’s participation in many competitions, festivals, concert performances is a great evidence of real high artistic level.

The main goals of “Kamenyar” are the popularization of choral music, education of love, unity, identity, empathy, national dignity.

The choir is a participant, nominee, winner of many musical events in Ukraine and Europe.

Repertoire of the Municipal Men’s Choir “Kamenyar”:

ecclesiastical music (works by composers M.Starytskyy, D.Bortnyanskyy,I.Arkhanhelskyy, M.Lysenko, S.Tselyukh and many others (more than 60 works)).

choral works dedicated to the memory of T. Shevchenko (composed by L.Revutskyy, F.Kolessa, M.Lysenko, S.Lyudkevych, arranged by S.Tselyukh and others (more than 20 works)).

choral patriotic works (composed by R. Sovyak, R. Kupchynskyy, V. Hushchak, arranged by S. Tselyukh and others (nearly 40 works).

original works (by O. Nyzhankivskyy, M. Lastovetskyy, S. Stelmashchuk, M. Leontovysh and others (70 works)).

Christmas carols (composed by O. Nyzhankivskyy, H. Havrylets, S. Lyudkevych, V. Volontyr, arranged by Y. Kuleshko, S. Tselyukh and others (more than 60)).

Tselyukh Stepan (choral conductor, teacher, Honored Artist of Ukraine).

He was born on August 19th, 1961 in Zahirne, Stryy district, Lviv region.

Graduated Drohobych Music College (1981), Music Faculty of I. Franko Drohobych Pedagogical Institute (1985), M. Lysenko Lviv State Conservatory (1991).Since 1991-till now is a director of F. Kolessa Dashava Music School, since 2000 is an artistic director,the conductor of the Municipal Men’s Choir “Kamenyar” (the Department of Culture of the Stryy Regional State Administration) and the folk choir “Svitanok”(Dashava, Stryy district, since 1984), the Chairman of the Association of Conductors and Regents in Stryy Regioncalled “Camerton” (since 2007), Honored Artist of Ukraine (2010), the founder of the festivals “Sails of Hope”, “On the Waves of Stryy”, the author of the articles for Great Ukrainian Encyclopedia, the author and compiler of seven Repertoire choral collections, music collections “You are the Ukrainian”, “From Christmas to Christmas”, three collections of solo songs, a collection of “Tips for conductors”.Awarded by Stryy Eparchy of the UGCC (2011), UOC of Kyiv Patriarchate (2011, 2014).



E-mail: Kamenyar2008@ukr.net; stepan_celuh@ukr.net.