Open letter from Leontovych Ukrainian Choral Society to European Choral Association – Europa Cantat

The choral community of Ukraine is extremely surprised at your position regarding Russian Federation military intervention and considers it unacceptable. Today Ukraine is defending the borders of Western civilization and its own right to exist in a bloody war of liberation! The world has not seen such a degree of destruction and casualties since the Second World War!

We want to clarify our position: there will be no solidarity, partnership or any type of cooperation with the Russian artists. We do not work aside with a country that invaded our land, officially justifying the act by purpose of exterminating Ukrainian nation. When the whole world stands with Ukraine and requires stopping the Russian-Ukrainian war – and more than 80% of Russian citizens still support it – it is impossible to consider any cooperation in the realm of collective creativity.

We cannot and should not have a dialogue under the barrels of machine guns, under the blows of enemy’s bombs and missiles. We cannot and will not have an artistic dialogue, because our theaters are destroyed.

It is impossible to believe that when all civilized world is calling things by their names, recognizes Russian Federation as invader, excludes her from international organizations and associations, competitions and festivals, and imposes extraordinary sanctions when genocide of the Ukrainian people, one of the largest European art organizations calls for “Dialogue”.

We want to emphasize that because of Russian’s aggression against Ukraine, our artists are not able to continue their work and studies. They are forced to leave their homes and seek for refuge to move on with their life.

Many young musician students are forced to leave Ukraine to continue their education, but only female students are allowed to leave the country because young men have to stay and defend their Homeland. Because of Russian-Ukrainian war, we can lose the whole generation of young artists.

We think it is impossible to come to understanding with people of the country that sustains an open military aggression against our country. This war has become possible because of support of Russian citizens. For us it is impossible to work with representatives of this country.

Therefore, the Choral Society and artists of Ukraine appeal to the European Choral Association to prevent Russian participants from participating in international ECA-EC projects, including EuroChoir 2022.



Chairman of the Choral Society of Ukraine named after M. Leontovich

Olexandr Tarasenko