People’s amateur folk-instrumental ensemble “Kobza”

People’s amateur folk-instrumental ensemble “Kobza”

Folklore and instrumental ensemble of Ukrainian folk instruments “Kobza” was created in 2004 on the basis of Tulchyn School of Culture, in order to revive and preserve Ukrainian national traditions, customs, rituals, language, music, songs – all that is the spiritual meaning of our society, is the basis of Ukrainian culture and nation. When forming the ensemble, the instrumentation was based on the composition of “Triple Music” (traditional folk instruments violin, cymbals, flute). The founder and leader of the ensemble is a teacher of the highest category of the College of Culture Tikholiz Vitaliy.

Vitaliy Tikholiz

In 2007 the ensemble received the title of “People’s”. The band’s repertoire is diverse in its texture, manner of performance, and tools used in the works includes more than thirty artistic numbers, and includes authentic works, arrangements of folk melodies in the leader’s own arrangement and author’s songs (written in folk style). The leader personally searches in different cities of Ukraine for new rare instruments for their use in the ensemble, and masterfully owns them: kaval, reeds, drimba, tylinka, cuckoo, nai, duduk, dvodentsivka…

The band’s repertoire consists of authentic and processing music and song folklore.

The team has a creative atmosphere, the relationship between the members of the ensemble and the joint solution of complex problems.

The Kobza ensemble is known for its concert activities in the Vinnytsia region and far beyond.

The ensemble “Kobza” led by the leader Tikholiz V. is the winner of the Grand Prix of the I regional festival-competition “Folk Music of Podillya” (Nemyriv, 2006); participant of the VII All-Ukrainian festival-competition of young performers of Ukrainian folk music “From a folk source” (Rivne, 2007); International Festival of Ethno Music and Land Art “Sheshory Podilsky 2008” (Vorobiyivka); creative report of masters of art and art groups of Vinnytsia region “Blessed land, my Vinnytsia region” (Kyiv, 2009); II All-Ukrainian Cossack Festival “Protection on Khortytsia” (Zaporizhzhya, 2011); International Festival of Folk Art “Ukrainian Spring”, Republic of Poland (Poznan, Gnezno, Leszno, Glogow, 2012); participation in the student youth conference, within the framework of the international festival of folk art, the Republic of Poland (Stashov, 2013); laureate of the first degree of the festival-competition of orchestras and ensembles of folk instruments “Tavriya oar” (Kherson, 2013); III All-Ukrainian Cossack Festival “Protection on Khortytsia” (Zaporizhzhya, 2016); participation in the All-Ukrainian festival-competition of young artists “I want to become a star” (Zhytomyr, 2016); participation in the regional youth ethno-festival “Kalynovy Mosty” (Tulchyn, 2017 – 2018); participation in the International Eco-Festival (Bershad, 2016); International Festival of National Minorities (Shargorod, 2017); Regional Festival of Folk Art “Christmas Miracle” (Vinnytsia, 2012-2019), V All-Ukrainian Music Festival “Day of the Ukrainian accordion and accordion” (Vinnytsia, 2017), I International scientific-practical conference . 2018). All-Ukrainian youth ethno-festival “Kalynovy Mosty” (Tulchyn, 2019), I International Festival “Gay, Falcons” (Makhnivka village, Kozyatyn district, 2019), art project “Ways of Woven Bush” (2019)

Folklore and instrumental ensemble “Kobza” continues to study in depth the musical heritage of the Ukrainian people and works to improve performance skills on Ukrainian musical instruments.

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