Podolsk Chamber Choir “Leontovych-Chapel”

Podolsk Chamber Choir “Leontovych-Chapel”

Podolsk Chamber Choir “Leontovych-Chapel” of Vinnytsia Regional Philharmonic named  M. Leontovych – a professional team that has existed since 2018. The choir’s repertoire includes folk music, classical choral and spiritual works. The activity of the first youth philharmonic ensemble is a continuation of the development of the ideas of “choral theater”, which combines different vocal manners, provides a synthesis of different arts (theater, choreography, artistic word), attracting technological progress and electronic instruments.

The presentation of the ensemble took place on December 13, 2018 – “Leontovych Chapel” solemnly opened the Festival of Choral Art “Singing Podillya Leontovych”, offering the audience a Christmas theatrical performance “At Christmas”.

In 2019, at the International Festival. P. Tchaikovsky and NF von Meck’s team presented their first full-format program. The choir’s concerts with resonance took place in Vinnytsia and several districts of the region. In summer, the youngest residents of Vinnytsia, who had a rest in summer school camps, saw the interactive cognitive and entertaining program of the choir “Hype Summer”.

During 2019, the ensemble took part in several large-scale philharmonic projects: S. Rachmaninoff – Opera “Aleko”, M. Verykivsky – Opera “Mercenary”, “Aura of Romance”, “Vocal Universals”

The choir has proved itself by taking part in the celebrations of state holidays: the Day of Unity, the Liberation of Vinnytsia from fascist invaders, the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Founder, artistic director and conductor of the Podolsk Chamber Choir “Leontovych-Chapel” Olga Baboshуna, a graduate of the III All-Ukrainian competition of choral conductors in Kyiv; teacher-methodologist and conductor of the choir of Vinnytsia College of Culture and Arts M. Leontovych, head of the Vinnytsia branch of the All-Ukrainian Choral Society. M. Leontovych, a member of the regional branch of the All-Ukrainian National Music Union.


Team repertoire.

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