Petro Andriychuk

Member of the Board of the National Uktainian Music Union Association “Ukrainian Choral Society named after Mykola Leontovych”. Professor of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of “Darnychanka” Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, Honored Worker of Ukraine Culture.

Ukrainian choral conductor. Author of arrangements and original pieces for a folk choir, vocal and instrumental ensembles, more than 50 scientific and 100 nonfiction publications on cultural and artistic issues, articles for encyclopedic publications. Member of editorial boards of newspapers “Ukrainian Music Newspaper” and “Solomiya”.

He has performed in Ukraine, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Hungary, France, Croatia, Czech Republic and the former Soviet Union.

There are also additionally the recordings to the funds of the Ukrainian Radio, for the film studios named after Dovzhenko and Ukrtelefilm. He performs in art programs for radio and television.

Author and a leader of the Ukrainian Art Project “Folk Choir Art Festival “Darnichanka calls together the Friends”.

The Chairman of the jury of music competitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Secretary of the National Ukrainian Music Union, Head of the Kyiv Regional Branch of the Ukrainian Choral Society named after Mykola Leontovych, Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Member of the Main Board of the Ukrainian Society “Prosvita” named after T. Shevchenko, Expert of the Commission on Arts and Cultural Education of the Public Council at the Ministry of Ukraine Culture, Member of the Secretariat – Head of the “Choral Arts” Section of the “Ukrainian-World” Association for Ukrainian Relations outside Ukraine.

Cavalier of the Order “for Merit” of the 3rd degree.