Ukraine Art Force: Ternopil, Kyiv, Kharkiv

In the playlist «Art Army of Ukraine», we present videos of musical projects created in Ukraine during the war.

“Hello! My name is Andriy Syrotenko; I am artistic director of the Academic Choir by Viacheslav Palkin, Kharkiv Regional Philharmonic. I have long dreamed of visiting the city of Ternopil and now I have such an opportunity. However, the reason I am here today is tragic and horrifying, and that is to find shelter for my family. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Sviatoslav Dunets for the opportunity to stay here. The chairman of the Ternopil Choral Society Anatoliy Oronovsky, addressed me with a request to participate in art event, which is engaging the choirs of the Ternopil region. I agreed to this with great pleasure and gratitude. Fortunately, we were able to involve our singers from Kharkiv, who are now here in Ternopil, in Lviv and other relatively safe cities of Ukraine. With profound gratitude, I would like to invite people of Ternopil to our hero city of Kharkiv after the victory in order to conduct similar choral event there. Glory to Ukraine!”