Ukrainian song choir «Veselka»

Ukrainian song choir «Veselka»

2010 is considered to be the year of  birth of the Ukrainian song choir «Veselka». New voices have joined the small group of six children every year.

Now the band has more than forty members. This is the only children’s folk choir in Kharkiv region. The leader of the choir is Tetyana Sherstiuk, a person in love with the Ukrainian song, a teacher with many years of experience, a teacher-methodologist. Despite the predominantly folk style of singing, the leader is very careful about children’s voices, she uses the principles of vocal education and vocal culture, characteristic of the academic production. The choir has two age groups: senior and junior. However, often the band acts as a whole. This, firstly, makes the sound more powerful, and secondly – aims to transfer skills and abilities from seniors to juniors.

Tetyana Sherstiuk

The choir has its own creative face. Its originality is emphasized not only by the manner of singing and repertoire, but also by the originality of the musical accompaniment: the choir sings to the accompaniment of an instrumental trio. Currently, the choir’s accompanists are Marina Holub (accordion), Olena Lymarova (domra) and Tetyana Radchenko (violin).

The ensemble’s repertoire consists of Ukrainian folk songs and works by Ukrainian composers. Choir members also learn to reproduce folk rites and customs. The repertoire of the choir and its groups includes many calendar-ritual songs: carols, Christmas carols, spring songs. Over the years, the Ukrainian song choir Veselka and its groups have won a number of competitions and festivals of international and national levels, as well as open and regional festivals-competitions. These are international: «Source of talents», «Winter glow», «Spring sun of arts», «Lotus of hope», «First step» (Kharkiv), « Sol-Fa Star» (Dnipro), all-Ukrainian: «Peasant stars» (Henichesk, Kherson region), «Pure Dew», (Kharkiv). The choir has turned a multiple winner of the M. Leontovych Open Festival of World Music and the Open Festival of Polish and Ukrainian Music named after K. Shimanovsky (Kharkiv), regional festival-competition «Muses and Children» (Derhachi, Kharkiv region). The choir group won the Golden Cup at the Delphic Games of  Slobozhanshchyna and became the absolute winner of the regional festival-competition of ceremonial folklore «Generous Evening». The Veselka choir gained a convincing victory at the professional regional competition Spring Vernissage. In 2019, the band became the winner of the regional festival «Young Talents of Kharkiv» and was invited to perform at M. Lysenko KhNATOB. In 2020 victory was achieved at the regional festival «Art Vernissage» and performance given on the stage of the Kharkiv Regional Philharmonic. The Veselka choir twice took part in the «Children’s Philharmonic» project, which concerts took place at Kharkiv I. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts. The choir constantly participates in the Open Festival of Family Creativity «Our Great Lineage», the founder and organizer of which is the leader of the band Mrs Sherstiuk. The performances of the young choristers enjoy the love and respect of the audience, so the band is always a welcome guest at all district cultural and artistic events.