The “Voskresinnia” Chamber Choir in Ivano-Frankivsk was established in autumn 2009. Conductor Volodymyr Rudnytsky is a graduate of the Lviv National Academy of Music named after Mykola Lysenko and the Institute of Arts of V. Stefanyk Precarpatian National University.

The team works at the People’s House “Knyaginyn” of the Department of Culture of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council. Every Sunday and every religious holiday, the Choir accompanies the Liturgy of the Resurrection of Christ of the UGCC with its singing of the Liturgy in the Archcathedral Cathedral.

The main task of the ensemble is to actively popularize and restore Ukrainian sacred music, the best masterpieces of M. Diletsky, M. Berezovsky, A. Wedel, M. Leontovych, K. Stetsenko and other priceless treasures of choral culture, which were very actively banned during the Soviet era.

During its short history, the choir has performed about 200 concerts on various stages in many European cities. He sang in seven capitals of the European space and twice won international choral music competitions in Warsaw and Bialystok (POLAND). He has participated in numerous international and national festivals. In 2012, the Resurrection Choir accompanied the Divine Liturgy, which was served at the main throne of the world’s largest Christian church – St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican (Italy). The band has recorded 4 CDs.

The choir artists are young talented musicians, graduates and students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and Poland. Soloists of the Ivano-Frankivsk Philharmonic and the Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theater sing in the ensemble.

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Volodymyr Rudnytskyi

Volodymyr Rudnytskyi was born on April 27, 1986 in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. A graduate of the Lviv National Music Academy. Mykola Lysenko (Department of Folk Instruments, majoring in accordion, Associate Professor Serhiy Karas) and the Institute of Arts of the Precarpathian National University. V. Stefanyk (vocal specialty – class teacher of Honored Artist of Ukraine Mykhailo Stefanyuk) and (choral conducting – class teacher Natalia Gulamiryan).

From 2002 to 2009 he worked as the regent of the parish choir of the Renaissance in the church of St. Paraskevi of the UGCC. Ivano-Frankivsk.

2007 – under the direction of V. Rudnytsky choir “Renaissance” was awarded the title of “People’s Amateur”.

2009 – created the chamber choir “Voskresinnia”.

2013 – laureate of the fourth all-Ukrainian competition of young vocalists. Iryna Malanyuk (Ivano-Frankivsk).

2015 – member of the jury of the first all-Ukrainian children’s and youth choral festival-competition “Voices of a bright country”.

2018 – created and is currently the director of the All-Ukrainian Easter Festival of Choral Music “Cathedral Bells” in Ivano-Frankivsk.

2019 – Volodymyr Rudnytsky was elected chairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional branch of the National All-Ukrainian Music Union.

2020 – Member of the jury of the fourth international choral festival-competition “Odesa cantat”.

Repertoire of the choir «Voskresinnia» («RESURRECTION»)

Ukrainian spiritual choir music

  1. Ancient Ukrainian church monody of the 16th century. (Kyiv chant) «Tilo Khrystovo» (The Body of Christ)
  2. Diletsky Choral concert «Izhe obrazu Tvoiemu» (Eating your image)
  3. Diletsky Choral concert for double choir «Tilo Khrystovo» ( The Body of Christ)
  4. Diletsky Communion Poem «Khvalite Hospoda z nebes» (Praise the Lord from Heaven)
  5. Berezovsky Communion Poem «Khvalite Hospoda z nebes» (Praise the Lord from Heaven)
  6. Berezovsky Communion Poem «Blazheni yazhe izbral» (Blessed is he who has chosen)
  7. Berezovsky Communion Poem «Chashu spasinnia pryimu» (I will receive the cup of salvation)
  8. Berezovsky Choral concert «Ne otverzhy mene vo vremia starosty» (Do not reject me in old age)
  9. Wedel Choral concert №22 «Ty moia kripost, Hospody» (You are my fortress, Lord)
  10. Wedel Choral concert №26 «K Tebi, Hospody, vozzovu» (To You, Lord, I will call)
  11. Degtyarevsky Choral concert №18 «Dnes vsiaka tvar» (Today every face)
  12. Degtyarevsky Choral concert №51«Ne imamy inyia pomoshchi» (We have no help)
  13. Bortnyansky Choral concert №3 «Hospody, syloiu Tvoieiu vozveselytsia Tsar» (Lord, the King will rejoice in Your power)
  14. Bortnyansky Choral concert №30 «Uslyshy, Bozhe, hlas moi» (Hear, God, my voice)
  15. Bortnyansky «Seven Cherubim Songs»
  16. Bortnyansky «Budy imia Hospodnie» (Be the name of the Lord)
  17. Leontovych «Tsariu Nebesnyi» (King of Heaven)
  18. Leontovych Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
  19. Stetsenko «Blahoslovy dushe moia Hospoda» (Bless my Lord’s soul)
  20. Verbytsky «Khvalite Hospoda z nebes» (Praise the Lord from heaven)
  21. Koshyts «God is great, one»
  22. Turchaninov «God is with us»
  23. Skorik «Hallelujah»
  24. Hobdych arrangement Kyiv chant «Voskreseniie Tvoie Khryste Spase» (Your Resurrection, Christ the Savior)
  25. Tarasenko «Christ is risen»
  26. Volynsky Oratorio «Long-suffering love», «Do not kill».


  1. Leontovych «Didu mii dudaryku» (My grandfather’s bagpipe)
  2. Avdievsky «Oi tam za lisochkom» (Oh, there in the woods)
  3. Leontovych «Oi syvaia zozulenka» (Oh gray cuckoo)
  4. Hrytsyshyn «Ne stii verbo nad vodoiu» (Do not stand willow over water)
  5. Leontovych «Za horodom kachky plyvut» (Ducks swim outside the city)
  6. Yatsynevych «Susidka» (Neighbor)
  7. Rakov “Oi, dub, duba” (Oh, oak, oak)
  8. Kolessa «Oi u poli krynychenka» (Oh in the field well)
  9. Nyzhankivsky «Choven khytaietsia sered vody» (The boat sways in the water)
  10. Gnatishin “Kolomyiky”
  11. Leontovych «Syva zozulenko» ( Gray cuckoo)
  12. Leontovych «Haiu, haiu, zelen rozmaiu» (Grove, grove, green rozmayu)
  13. Leontovych «Zashumila lishchynonka» (Noisy hazel)
  14. Kolessa «Pyimo, druzi» (Let’s drink, friends)
  15. Kolessa «Tykhyi Dunai» (Quiet Danube)
  16. Krechko «Letiv ptashok» (Flights of birds)
  17. Chishko «Oi khmeliu zh mii, khmeliu» (Oh my hops, hops)
  18. Gobdych «Chidi-Ridi»
  19. Kozak «Vivcharyk»
  20. Kozak «Dam ya yalovytsiu» (I’ll give the beef)
  21. Stankovich «Zakliuchni kupala» (Final domes)

Christmas songs

  1. Liudkevych «Boh predvichnyi» (God is eternal)
  2. Stetsenko «Nova radist stala» (New Joy)
  3. Stetsenko «Dnes poiushche» (Sing today)
  4. K Stetsenko «Oi syvaia ta i zozulenka» (Gray cuckoo)
  5. Hrytsyshyn «Slava Rozhdenomu» (Glory to the Born)
  6. Lozynska «Dyvnaia novyna» (Wonderful news)
  7. Haivoronskyi «Dvi rizdviani pisni» ( Two Christmas sogs)
  8. Semkovych «Khrystos rodyvsia» (Christ was born)
  9. Hobdych «Spy Isuse, spy» (Sleep Jesus sleep)
  10. Honcharov «Holosyt vistku» (He reads the news)
  11. Lehkyi «Sviataia nich» (Holy Night)
  12. Avdiievskyi «Pavochka khodyt» (Pavochka walks)
  13. Havrylets «Hoi pytalasia kniazha korona» (Hoy, a princess crown is asked)
  14. Leontovych «Shchedryk» ” (Carol of the bells)
  15. Leontovych «Oi tam za horoiu» (Oh, over the mountain)
  16. Hobdych «Dobryi vechir vsim vam» (Good evening to all of you)
  17. Hobdych «Budte zdorovi» (Вless you)
  18. Havrylets «Nova radost» (New Joy)
  19. Nyzhankivskyi «Boh sia rozhdaie» (God is born)
  20. Liudkevych «Radist nam sia yavyla» (Joy appeared to us)
  21. V. Stepurko «Let It Snow»