Lesia (Lyudmila) DYCHKO

Member of the Board of the National Uktainian Music Union Association “Ukrainian Choral Society named after Mykola Leontovych”. Composer, teacher, music-public figure.Merited Master of the Arts of the USSR (1982). People’s Artist of Ukraine (1995). Winner of the USSR State Prize named after T.Shevchenko (1989) and Republican Komsomol Prize named after M.Ostrovsky (1970). Member of NSCU (1965). Honorary Member National Union of Ukraine Artists (2006).

Graduated from the Kyiv State High School of Music (class of music theory, 1959), the Kyiv Conservatory (class of compositions by K. Dankevich and B. Lyatoshynsky, 1964), and postgraduate studies (directed by B. Lyatoshynsky and M. Peiko, Moscow, 1971). 

Listened to a course of Art Criticism in Kyiv Art Institute (1965-72) and the History of Theater in the Kyiv Institute of Theater Arts named after I.Karpenko-Kary (1966-69). 

1965-66 – Teacher of music theory disciplines at Kyiv Pedagogical Institute named after M. Drahomanov, 

1972-74 – at Kyiv Art Institute,

since 1965 – of music theory disciplines at the National Honored Bandura Band of Ukraine,

since 1994 – of compositions, Professor of National Music Academy of Ukraine. 

Lesia Dychko has read the lectures about ukrainian music in Canada (1989), Iran (2004). 

Member of the Board of the NSKU (since 1968), its Presidium (since 1979), Secretary of the Board of the NSKU (since 1994), the USSR SC (1986-90). 

Member of the Award Committee of Ukraine named after T. Shevchenko (1993-2002), member of the Board of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine (since 1996), member of the Expert Council of the Ukrainian Report of the Masters of Fine Arts of Ukraine regions (2000-04), member of the Coordination Board of the Ukrainian Music Union (since 1994), member of the organizing committee of festivals “Kyiv Music Fest” and “Musical premieres of the season”, member of the committee of Choral Festival “Golden-domed Kyiv”. 

Dychko’s composer activity marks the development of modernism in Ukrainian music of the 20th century. Dychko is a bright representative of the ukrainian composers cohort of “sixties”. Working in different genres (chamber, symphonic, opera), the composer has achieved the greatest success in the field of choral music, creating a new direction in its development. 

The most important pieces of the early period include the symphonic choral fantasy “The Morning of the Rifle Execution” (by the painting by V. Surikov, Diploma of the 1st degree at the Review of Young Composers Creativity, Moscow, 1962); Cantata “Red Viburnum”, based on texts of ukrainian songs of the 15th-17th centuries, for choir, soloists and chamber orchestra (1969, 2nd ed.). 

The creativity of Dychko is characterized by the innovation of the music languages ​​in choral writing, harmony, choral orchestration. Stage pieces: the oratorio “I will call the name Kyiv” based on the chronicle texts and “The Words about Igor’s Regiment” for soloists, choir, strings and organ at 7 part (1982, the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv), which is a manifestation of the composer’s interests in the deep layers of national history and culture in the neoclassical spirit.

A separate milestone in the Dychko’s creative work is her spiritual pieces – 2 liturgies based on canonical texts (27 parts each).